Kinemaster Template Download 2022 (.Kine Project Files)

What is a KINE file?

KINE File Extension – What is a .kine file and how do I open it?

A KINE file is used in the Kinemaster app. It helps to back up our project files like special makes product format like .kine files. Kinemaster app is one of the best leading video editing applications.

After Completing your editing you just need to backup your.KMPROJECT files and that files are saved in your file manager. The Savings of the project are saved in kine file formats. And KINE FILES can be opened only in the Kinemaster application.

How To Create KineMaster Preset Link?

Kinemaster Consistently gives updates improving user Experience and editing tools better. After Version 5 Kinemaster allows the user to export their video editing projects as KINE files. Each KINE file includes a project’s KMPROJECT file, which defines how KineMaster loads the project, and all the media files used in that project this project can be reusable, and any user can open and use it. By the kinefile import option available.

How to open a KINE file?

First, you need to save your project like long-press project files then save the project like.KineProject file format.Now your projects are saved in the file manager. How I open my Kine File first create a new project then drag the bottom of the Kinemaster app Click the Import Project Button then navigate to select your backup project files. You Can open a .KineFile in version 5 above only.

Where are KineMaster projects stored?

The Project Are Stored in your mobile file manager.KineMaster Folder saves your media to the appropriate folder within the KineMaster folder. This includes exports, recorded audio and video, images, and captures. Project-Specific Folder creates a new folder within the KineMaster folder. Then, it saves your media there.

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